The Djarlma Plan is being prepared to take advantage of emerging opportunities and address the complex challenges faced by the WA forestry industry. 

The Plan is intended to shape the direction of future investment and jobs, and provide opportunities for collaboration, innovation and growth in the sector.

The Plan will also act as a road-map to integrate efforts across industry, community and government to provide a focused direction for the sustainable development of the sector.  


What is the 'Djarlma'?

The name of the Plan is inspired by the Noongar concept of the ‘Djarlma’, which reflects the interconnected  relationship of people with forests and  woodlands. 


Independent Reference Panel

An independent reference panel has been established to provide guidance and support to the development of the Plan. 

The Panel consists of a multidisciplinary and diverse range of people that collectively have expertise and strong relationships across Aboriginal groups, forestry industry, business, the environmental sector and government. 

Impartial Engagement Process

Input into the Plan will be via an impartial stakeholder engagement process that will provide ideas and direction for the Panel regarding the content of the Plan.

The aim is to to engage with a broad range of peoplewith differing interests in the forestry sector to unearth views that are beyond  'business as usual’ and help shape a sustainable future for the sector. 

Diversity is the focus of the engagement process.


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Who's Involved?

Aboriginal groups, Government, Environmental groups, Industry bodies, Landholders, User groups, Local and regional businesses, Researchers, Politicians



Online input
1:1 listening sessions
Small group workshops


Reflects the diverse people and interests across the sector
Helps all voices to be heard
Unearths views that are beyond 'business as usual'


Information gathered throughout the engagement process will be provided to the Panel to be drawn up as they further develop the Plan. 

It’s intended that the final version of the Plan will be released by July 2018.

Four strategic priorities link the framework together, addressing key industry opportunities and are aligned with the values and principles associated with Djarlma.

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The stakeholder engagement will seek to gain valuable input on the challenges and opportunities facing the WA forestry industry in each of these four strategic priorities.


There are two key methods for providing your input.

Workshops / Interviews

To register your interest for the chance to provide feedback via  a 1:1 session or small group workshop, please use the form below (subject to availability).


To provide your input via a brief online survey, please use the link below 

Workshops / Interview Registration

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You can also get in touch with us through email